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Day Trip To Stanley

Day Trip To Stanley

Finally taking a summer vacation, I've decided to buy a whole bunch of one way tickets and go state hopping. My second stop was Boise Idaho, Seattle Washington was my First Destination; but not let's get side track here, back to my story.

 So August 21st 2018 I landed in Boise and that was on a Tuesday, a regular day and it was still pretty cloudy from the smog but not so bad. So the next day which was a Wednesday the 22nd Linda and I decided to take a day trip up to Stanley Idaho.

I was amazed at all of the mountains I was seeing on our drive up, but my friend quickly informed me that those were only the Foothills and I haven't seen anything yet. As we drove along the curvaceous roads I noticed that this was true; as the mountains got taller and more massive.

Our first stop was to Kirkham natural Hot Springs, as we walk towards the deck overlooking the springs. I saw a sign saying no nudity prohibited but clearly the sign was ignored, as we saw a couple relaxing in the hot springs in all their glory.


Bath House 1.jpg
Bath House.jpg

After that awkward moment and a few laughs we headed up to Bonneville, which had a small hiking trail that lead to more hot springs.

What made Bonneville so unique was that; there was a bath house and a tub was put inside. The water from the springs ran freely in and out of the tub, there was also a huge cork which gave you the option to fill the tub and relax. This bathhouse was completed with a door so you had complete privacy and didn't have to worry about peering eyes, unless your brave like the couple in Kirk-ham.( pun intended)

After a nice long soaking and a few pictures of course we decided to drive up to Stanley Lake to see the view of the Saw-tooth mountains. Here is where I began to notice that we went through 3 different climate changes; in Boise it was a nice day at 80°. Outfit of the day was shorts and a tank top, at the bathhouse it got very warm, I say about 90° I did break a sweat walking the mini trail but as we got closer to Stanley Lake it was freezing cold. I believe it was in the 60's, I looked at my friend and all she said was welcome to Idaho.

Once we arrived at Stanley Lake it reminded me so much of those camping movie that I used to watch as a kid. The Landscaping was just beautiful and looked a little like British Columbia, I was actually very impressed. ( I've never been to British Columbia ha ha don't worry it's on my list and I've seen movies so I have a reference)

The Saw-tooth Mountains peeking out of the forest have forever been engraved in my mind, I'm so grateful to have witness this.

Onward to our next destination which is the town of Stanley; and where my mind was blown that only 63 people live there. ( Well Linda and myself made 65, but wowww!)
This town was so peaceful and quiet; plus an amazing restaurant, I really enjoyed my road trip to Stanley.

The town of Stanley

The town of Stanley

Stanley 4.jpg

If you guys are ever in Idaho be sure to do this day trip, I highly recommend it. The whole experience was just beautiful and the views were spectacular, Idaho has turned into a trip that I will never forget and I definitely will be returning someday.


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