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Boston On A Budget

Boston On A Budget

Traveling to Boston on a budget? Well taking a trip to Boston has always been on my bucket list knowing, there is so much history in the state of Massachusetts.


Boston is heavily influenced by the European explorers that colonized it in the early 1600 and knowing that this is going to be the closest I will be getting to any kind of European influence, as Europe is a little far; at the moment Boston will do. Luckily for me I met a friend through YouTube and have known her for 2 years now; recently she visited me in the Turks and Caicos and is now returning the favor as she told me that I can visit her in Boston and stay with her, by doing this I was shown around the beautiful city with a local point of view.

Here's a little back story; I've always wanted to travel but I always thought of it being super expensive which was true on my part, while living in a luxury country and only having one airline carrier. So I never really got into it until recently, by doing a lot of research I came up with a few different tricks and I've decide to share them with you guys in my blogs. Always living between the United States and the Turks and Caicos, traveling back and forth from here to Miami the tickets were always ridiculously expensive when American Airlines was the only available flight carrier.


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Tickets used to be over $600 round trip, it just made it very expensive and a hassle when it came to traveling. But now that they're more airline carriers meaning more choices, I decided to try my hand at finding ways to travel cheaper.

The first one I stumbled upon when I was going to Florida was that typically on a Wednesday or Thursday was not highly favored in traveling, so the tickets were a little bit cheaper as the airlines was trying to fill up empty seats so you booked at a cheaper price, this was my first discovery to flying and traveling more affordably.

As I got the hang of finding deals on websites and apps I got a little bit better and was able to find my tickets either 300 dollars or under for most of my trips and recently you guys know I went to Puerto Rico and that trip was only $300 round trip.

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Now back to the original story; Boston and how I was able to find a ticket at a whopping price of $277 round trip! The downside about it is I had a lot of connecting flights and a long layover, but I did not mind because hey; I only spent $277 dollars is that a win or is that a win?! When you are trying to fly at a cheaper rate you have to be flexible with your flying time, as for my accommodation I stay with my friend Christina which means I did not have to pay for a hotel or Airbnb which saved me even more. So I highly recommend it, if you have friends in different countries or states you should ask if you can couch surf or stay in an extra room, this would help you to save lots of money.

The most money I spent was at Buffalo Exchange and Primark, I was not prepared for the awesomeness at all! Take heed guys take as little money as possible and keep your eyes close lol. I did need a few things and got way to many new swimsuits (Salt Water Life) Island girl problems; but otherwise I just spent money on food and transportation.

Transportation on the train for a week is about $27 using a Charlie Card and you basically can go anywhere you want on the train, bus transportation is also very cheap if you decide to do that or you can get an über, but there are very cheap ways to get around Boston as well as walking. Mostly everything in Boston is in walking distance and walking is always good, if not you can just hop on the train; It's very easy to navigate your way around the city.

As for eating out,  we ate out a few times and the prices were reasonable; most of the meals we cooked at home as I was staying with someone. I was also shown the local spots that had great food and even better prices, the Clam Box clam chowder and lobster roll was delicious you must definitely go there.


Usually when I travel anywhere I look for things that you can do for free or that's for a cheaper price depending on the time of the day you go.

Most of the places that we went were free and just showed the beauty of Boston. I saw bunnies, geese and lots of beautiful flowers, some I've never seen before. I got to have a few "Mama I've made it" moments while walking around Harvard, walked on the green at the stadium, went to the Common, this park is so amazing.

I've also wonder around Acorn Street, prance around barefoot in the Boston Library (don't let the staff catch you taking professional pictures as they do charge you to take them.) went to Chinatown and even got the chance to work with a few amazing photographers. Most of these pictures was taken by my friend Christina Cassi and a few by Riju, Sangeeta Kumar and Matt Tieuli.

We took photos at the Quincy Quarries Reservation, this place is freaking awesome all the self-expression graffiti everywhere, people just hanging out with friends, couples rock climbing and of course someone was flying a drone, I'm most certain I am in his shot or video because it was right on top of me.


Spending the day at the Quarry was really fun and I showed a little of my rock climbing skills; I didn't get too far as I was in a dress and boots after all lol. I am so happy I got to stay with a friend and meet local photographers that I was able to see these amazing places, that I might have missed by following the guide-book and doing all the tourist things.

I believe when you go anywhere its best to talk and make local friends, because they are the ones who can really show you around and you will see the places that are often overlooked or not mention in your guide-book. I speak from experience as loads of tourist comes to the Turks and Caicos but never really see it, because they only stay at the hotels or follow whats on the tourism website.

My Favorite place I visit while in Boston was the beach of course; after the quarry we went to Wollaston Beach Playground to shoot a few sunset photos, we even mess around with fairy lights but that story will be for another blog so stay tune. I can say for my first time visiting Boston my overall stay was perfect; a word I've come to learn is a very popular word used here.

I will definitely be back but when its warmer as Boston spring weather is very much winter for me lol. Plus Christina promise me a road trip to Maine and I'm super excited for that. Sorry for the long blog but I just had a lot to say and share with you, hope you'll enjoyed this read and if you have any questions leave me a comment I will love to chat and answer any of them.

Until Next Time.

Deandra xoxo 


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